A Settlement Agreement for people that have encountered problems with piping and may be reimbursed in full or in part. The deadline to register is set until 2020. The Settlement created $125,000,000 Settlement fund to be used for the benefit of those in the Class to reimburse/pay for the replacement or repairs of condos, homes, buildings that are plumbed with Kitec System. Any money paid from the Settlement Fund will be paid back to the class in its local currency. You must submit a properly completed Claim Form to be able to apply for payment. Claims are only available for eligible people that own, have owned, lease, or have leased a property in USA or Canada that contain the Kitec System.

The Settlement states that you could still file a claim even if you haven’t experienced a leak, if at the end of the claim filing period, there are still remaining funds, you might be able to get some compensation, but all depends on the sufficiency of the funds. The claim can also apply to those who did the repairs themselves, but enough documentation needs to be provided to proof that you had Kitec System installed before the repair. You might also receive a supplemental payment, but only if there are funds remaining at the end of the claim period.  

You might obtain detailed information about the Settlement by contacting the Settlement Administrator via telephone or personally at the address below: 

Canadian Kitec Claims Administrator
PO Box 3355
London ON N6A 4K3

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