Q&A and Glossary

  1. What is Kitec?
    A flexible, plastic-wrapped aluminum pipe with brass fittings – which are a mixture of zinc and copper. It is an economical and easy-to-install alternative to copper piping.
  2. How do I know if I have Kitec plumbing?  
    Most Kitec plumbing can be easily identified by its bright colours, usually orange/red for hot water, and blue for cold water, but it can also be found in white, grey, and black. You can find them in plumbing areas near hot water tanks, under kitchen sinks, and bathroom vanities.
  3. What is the Kitec Crusader?
    A Toronto Realtor – Claude Boiron, who is pledging to pay for the costly repairs for Kitec replacement for any property owner. No matter if you’ve already done the replacement, are in the process of doing it, or know you’ll have to do it soon. 
  4. Kitec plumbing home too risky?
    Yes, if the Kitec plumbing is not removed promptly, as Kitec piping is known to deteriorate and leak due to high water pressure or hot water over 77C running through it. It will not only leak, but may burst and cause massive flooding, leading to harm of furniture, paintings, and other important items in your home.   
  5. Why Kitec must be replaced? Can I not replace them?
    Yes, we strongly advise our client to remove Kitec plumbing ASAP to avoid any unnecessary loss and damage. It is the only way to guarantee you’re not going to have any trouble – although you can fix leaks at the beginning – they may spread through the entire home eventually.  
  6. Are there any warnings before failure occurs? 
    It is very hard to see as there are no obvious signs of Kitec failure. But you can watch for white corrosion on brass fittings, discolouration of pipes, drop in water pressure, look for black spots near the water heater, etc. 
  7. Since, it’s not the owner’s fault for having Kitec plumbing, is the condominium corporation responsible for the replacement cost? Or can I claim the costs? 
    Due to the fact that Kitec Plumbing are only used to deliver water into the units themselves, they are not part of the common area of the building. Therefore, the owner must be responsible for all replacement costs.   
  8. What type of piping is good for replacing Kitec? 
    Many use Uponor PEX to replace Kitec, as it is faster to install, reduces liability and contains more stable material costs. Another option is the use good old-fashioned copper pipes!
  9. Will “The Kitec Crusader” pay for 100% of the replacement costs?
    Yes, Claude Boiron -”The Kitec Crusader” will pay 100% of your replacement or repair costs with no hidden fees, as long as you sell and buy any property through the Boiron Group. 
  10. Are only condos affected by Kitec?
    No, many townhouses, stacked townhouses and even detached homes are affected as well. Feel free to contact the Boiron Group if you need help identifying it. 


  1. Kitec Plumbing:
    Kitec plumbing consists of flexible aluminum pipe between an inner and outer layer of plastic pipe (PEX pipe) with brass fittings. Marketed as a cheaper and easy-to-install alternative to copper piping, Kitec was sold between 1995 and 2007 for potable water, in-floor, and hot-water baseboard heating systems.
  2. Hot Water Baseboard:
    A heating system by pipes, through which steam or hot water circulates, near the base of the walls of rooms. the pipes used for this, or their metal covering.
  3. The Status Certificate:
    As per Section 76 of the Ontario Condo Act, that provides basic and essential information concerning the financial status of a unit and of the condo corporation. 
  4. Brass Fitting:
    A metal made from copper and zinc. 
  5. Kitec Settlement:
    The settlement creates $125,000,000 USD Settlement Fund to be used for the benefit of the Class to pay for the repair of homes, building, or other properties to pay for the repair or replacement of the Kitec System. Amounts will be paid to the class in its local currency. 
  6. Kitec Crusader:
    A Toronto Realtor who is pledging to pay for the costly repairs, up to the projected high-end of $10,000. Offer will be open to anyone who sells his/her Kitec-affected property and buys his/her next property, using the Boiron Group.
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