Many condo buildings will hold closed “Town Hall Meetings” when they have something important to discuss with condo unit owners – including the discovery of Kitec – and these meetings are closed to everyone except unit owners from the building.

We want to bring Kitec Plumbing awareness to everyone – not just the condo unit owners of a given building – so we regularly schedule public town hall meetings at which EVERYONE is welcome to come and learn about:

  • Kitec Plumbing
  • the costs and procedures to remedy it, and
  • to ask any questions which come to mind.

We’ll have Kitec plumbing experts and estimators on hand, so come and ask all your questions – whether they are technical ones about how Kitec is removed, or ones which ponder how your property’s resale value is affected by public knowledge that you have or had Kitec plumbing.

Stay tuned for details on our upcoming Town Hall Meetings.

Attendance is limited, so please register HERE and to receive updates.


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